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Art is really good. The guys are good-looking and the girl is cute. The smut scenes are extreme so prepare for ultimate hotness literally on every chapter. Totally worth the tickets.
WOW. I can't believe I didn't try this series out even though I've been seeing it here since a long time ago. Mainly because I was initially turned off by the price, like seriously?! 4 tickets per 3 chapters?! I also stopped for awhile after the first chapter because I didn't really like the art. But after having nothing else to read, I decided to give this a go. And who would have thought, I ended up LOVING THIS. In fact, ADDICTED to this even. I literally spent almost $50 in one day because I JUST COULDN'T STOP READING! As in every. single. chapter was very erotic and stimulating, probably the best smut scenes I've seen in a long time despite some awkward positions and disproportional body parts. BUT, the art literally began to improve about halfway through. It also had me laughing out loud in some parts like the "robot" comedy relief for the black-haired guy. Of course some female "rivals" also shows up and for some people, it may be annoying but I actually ended up liking these (3) female rivals (even this one other 3rd male character rival for the 2 male leads) because these characters actually have depth and aren't so obsessively clingy like most "rivals" are often portrayed. It goes to show that every character still has a life outside this twisted romance. What I love most of all is that the two male leads have a fairly equal standing on getting the female lead which is what I absolutely love for a LOVE-TRIANGLE story. Though it may seem repetitive, I must argue that the love triangle IS the central theme of the series, thus it LAST throughout the entire story and I love that because it does NOT end so easily with her picking one in the first few chapters. I mean, what's the point of making a story a love triangle if you already know who the girl is going to end up with anyway, right?
The story has an ok concept and really good art and a different take on the female lead. She's not your usual shy, virginal girl. She actually has some "spunk" in her as she is very straightforward and blunt with her feelings. But I guess the only thing that I didn't really like is the fact that she's a prostitute or, more specifically, the fact that they actually show her having sex with some ugly older guy. That is one aspect that really turns me off but I guess it'll become "better" once you pass that. This is just a warning to those who shares the same pet-peeve as me so you won't regret using up your ticket.
Wow! I did not expect for this series to be really good. With multiple guys actually falling in love with one girl and all they care about is her pleasure, what more can you ask for?! At first I didn't really think the art was that good, but the more I read on, the more I realize that the way the artist draw her guys is not so bad and they actually appear very hot. I also found the girl's expressions to be very cute. And I do agree with the other review that, even though you already know who she's going to end up with, you can't help but also fall in love with her interactions with the other characters. Totally recommended not just for the story, but mostly for the PLENTY erotic sexual scenes and ESP. the romance.
I don't know...I'm just--urg! Though I sometimes don't mind the concept of someone watching others have sex, this one didn't really execute that well. It only made me so irritated with the boyfriend for actually having that thought of allowing his girlfriend to have .... with another guy. The other guy seems to have genuine feelings for her though and I wish this manga could have elaborated on that more instead. The sexual scenes isn't really stimulating and is very rushed so don't expect much here.
The cover doesn't do justice with the artwork inside. Most male leads in Renta are supposedly 20-something year old characters but look like 40 year old. The male lead in THIS manga really look like a pre-adult college student--young, hot & so bishounen! The girl is pretty darn cute and innocent too. She stays faithful to her current boyfriend & does NOT easily submit to the main guy's advances. It isn't like a lot of the love-triangles here where the girl suddenly falls in love w/ the guy who sexually assaults her & then dumps the good boyfriend. Also, the main guy doesn't literally force himself on the main girl until she later realize herself that she has feelings for him. In the beginning, the main guy simply just try to seduce her w/ foreplay--oral sex & all. The sexual content is indeed very stimulating. The majority of the pleasuring is done mostly ON the female. Lots of fingering if I do say so myself. Overall, I think this manga is THE BEST one under the Love category.
I was expecting a sort of three-some sex based on the cover, but thank goodness I was wrong. I really hate the married guy and I hope the girl ends up with the second male lead which seems to be where the story is heading thankfully. What I liked about this manga isn't just about the sexy smut, but also the drama; the devotion of one who's deeply in love and how far that love could take you. The story isn't just about a girl getting caught committing adultery and then being blackmailed (I'm sure everyone has seen this concept a bunch of time). There were a lot more stuff that happened afterwards and you'll find out more if you read it. It's worth your 8 tickets.
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