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This manga is really good, but I expected that after reading Uni Yamasaki's other manga, Bodysuit Fetish. If I had to choose which is my fav, I'd definitely pick Bodysuit Fetish, but this manga is quite good as well. I really would have liked to see Kyoichi's bondage fetish explored once he and Umi got together, and I actually expected to see a scene where Umi tied Kyoichi up. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Still it's quite hot. Glad I bought it.
Arts great and the story is pretty unique (a bit silly) but unfortunately it felt rushed. No building of intensity, just strangers to ppl having sex in one short chapter. Hopefully more feels develop in the next chapter
Way to rushed. 3 stars is pushing it but giving 2 stars seems to be to harsh. It's cute in it's way but just to much to fast. Even the sex scene was rushed
As of ch 2 it's ok. I don't dislike it and it's cute but it's not doing much for me
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