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Ugh, I would give more stars if I could. Everything from the beautiful art to the straightforward storyline. I love that there's no unnecessary drama, and you could feel the tension building between the two characters every chapter. The ending wraps up nicely too without a vague or rushed ending and leaves the reading feeling warm and fuzzy and satisfied. Every chapter is worth the read and I totally recommend this one.
Oh sh*t, what did I just read haha. Holy moly there were more twists and turns in this first chapter than a pretzel and I LOVED IT. Art is amazing, story is hot, funny, and original.
I was reading a lot of the reviews and I dont think people are giving this story a chance when they should! I've actually bought the raws from the Japanese rental site and am buying these again to read the translation and no spoilers, but the plot gets good! I think the first chapters right now are a little misleading for first time readers, but I promise it's a good read! There actually is character development and more of a back story between the characters, so give it a shot :)
Hm I dont think the title really does well for the story(ies). This author normally does a pretty good job with solid endings but this collection had a lot of open ended one shot stories. The first story (the title story) could have had potential for another chapter, overall was expecting a little more :<
Super cute story, the way the author finishes each chapter leaves you wanting to read the next one. Totally worth the buy with a good story line, no unnecessary rivals,backstories, or unapproving mother in law
I think the story can have a lot of potential and character development but I think there should at least be a trigger warning for some of the themes in this series.
Hm..giving two stars because the story could have had so much more potential if the Male mc wasn't such a jerk. His attitude throughout the story made it a little off putting of a read :(
super cute story! I was expecting the guy to be sadistic or a jerk, but both characters are really cute! Lovely art and story and looking forward to the next chapter
Good read but the plot and character dev can get a little confusing between chapter 4 and 5. Had to reread a couple times before understanding what was happening with the main female character. Wish the author could have made it a little more clear
such a good read and worth the 6 bucks!!! story is very cute and original with amazing art. I really hope author decides to release a volume 2, especially because she left a cliffhanger!!
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