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Nice 3p manga, getting fight over by 2 handsome childhood friends. I'm not a fan of the second half tho.
Honestly I really love this. I like the plot of trapped with hot guys and slowly fall in love. The only negative point is the art is not so great but it's ok I still love this.
The drawing is so beautiful and both guys are so dreamy~ this is my fav "buying a bf" stories in renta
The drawing is good. But it's so short and the pace is too fast. It feels rushed. But still worth to read
The art work is really beautiful. It's cute but the story kinda doesn't add up... why he suddenly like that girl....? Well maybe it will be explained later on. Might read more~
Give me moreee please I love it so much
I love it so much~ can't wait to read te next volume
I love reverse harem like this and it's so relateable hehe but too bad there is no two hot guys like that IRL XD can't wait for the next episode! I give 1 less star cause I think the art is kinda lacking :/
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