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It was allright this book is about girl who lost her fiance and to be brother in law comforts her after bringing her the news of her fiance's death and later on she finds out shes pregnant and to be brother in law offered to marry her so family can still have connection to baby --- its not something i would read again once is enough for me
it was good but was not something i would buy. i feel like story is little too short
It was a good story little too slow glad to see here is happy ending she wanted. It about a man who won the girl in the wager from gambling game and after nearly fatal mistake he did all in his power to atone for it. I like it. My recommend is rent first before buying. Because this is. Good but not good enough where I would want to read over and over. This is a good book for rental not to own
it was a good story but it wasnt good enough to buy for infinite. tgis book is about the couple who had bad experience with media and how they handled it
there were lot of misunderstanding as well as conflicts with pride, two couples nearly destroyed their relationship and made biggest mistake that they cant undo. it was really good story i enjoyed reading this one very much
not sure how they come to have this title but still this story is good its about caine who pinned all blame on petra thinking she was in on schemes that her uncle made and is very jealousy and would not give petra time of day to explain or what ever caused her to be miserable.. actually whole this time petra were innocent.. will he finally realize it or will it be too late for them to repair the love they have for each other? want to know then come and read
this was an heartfelt story, its about a girl who works bakery and were a bridemaid of bride. and then bride's brother came in the picture to help with wedding but all of sudden planner eloped and left behind the planning. now its up ot those two to plan the wedding, will they succeed in doing that. what does fate have in the store for them? curious? come and read
it was nice and sweet story but not the best though i must say i enjoyed it very much
im glad priss got pregnant by jake not sperm bank. call me old fashion if you want but i always think children coming from sperm bank are pitiful
it was touching and allright, not the best royal stories but it was touching i enjoyed it so i will give it 4