Mire97's Reviews & Ratings

Love this series, it's cute, sweet, and hilarious. I hope there is more!
What was that? What did i just read?! Um...... Worth the laugh and rent.
Love it and wish there was more from the epilogue. It's a beautiful spin off story and k wish the author got to write all the pages they wanted to write.
Give me more OMG. This is awesome and something i didn't know i wanted till now. Hell yes give me more please.
Love it, though the first chapter is kinda short. I still can't wait for the next one. It needs more sex though.
Love it!! Gimme more! Lol it's a hilarious story about a not so scary dungeon master and her amusement park. It's good but I need more chapters. Worth the dollar.
Its a weird love story but some how I like it. If you like gay love triangle and family ending then read this to the end.
Its interesting story and has a sweet ending. If you want to know more you are gona have to read it. This girl has a lot of fantays. I just wish the're more chapters to this love story or atleast show us the future of the happy couple!!
Its an waesome story thats deffinatly a dirty fairytail story but I want more. Where is the rest of the story? If you want to figure out how dirty this love story is then your gona have to read it. ;p
It was a great story, I just didn't like the ending and I wish it were a longer series.
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