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This charming book is really four stories for the price of one, The love stories of the four Kitou siblings (3 brothers and a sister) and the story described in the synopsis is only the last one, although it can be truthfully said that all three of the brothers have a 'type' (shy, cute in the girl-next-door style and good cooks). The first story is of eldest brother Ryuutarou, who was a delinquent in his schooldays but is now a respectable confectioner with a deep love for the daughter of his boss. When his mother lays down an ultimatum - come home and take over the family inn, oh, and get married - and sets up a date for his love with his younger brother, Ryuutarou has to make a decision! In the second story, cafeteria worker Momoka has a deep crush on the gorgeous company manager Kitou Torajirou, until she lends him her umbrella one rainy night and they become friends. But how can a lowly lunch lady ever aspire to the heart of the company's idol? In the third story, Kitou Mitsuru has been raised to be the perfect Yamato Nadeshiko, but when she moves to Tokyo for university, she finds her true self is a Gothic Lolita. When she discovers her favourite designer is in fact a handsome man, who needs her help to continue designing the clothes she loves, Mitsuru embraces the opportunity, but will she ever get to embrace anything more? And finally, the youngest sibling, Shirou, gets his love story told in the final story. These stories are all very enjoyable, sweet and sexy, and leave the reader wishing for just a little bit more.
This was a very sweet and funny read, but the title is misleading - Ayumu isn't ugly at all, just cute in a completely different way to his friends. I found the conflict between the two friends over Ayumu's affections to be resolved way too easily, but we're not reading this for angst, so the fact that they fell into the three-way relationship so easily can be ignored. There are some plot threads left untied - the school rumour mill, Ayumu's female friend who clearly likes him but likes him enough to advise him properly and let him go - but not enough to detract from the story. I recommend this as an enjoyable, feelgood read rather than a realistic one.
This was a gentle and funny take on an old idea - a warm and enthusiastic person somehow is thrown into the life of the beautiful and unapproachable ice king, who eventually opens up to them and a deeper relationship forms. It doesn't tread any new ground, but do we want it to? The comedy is mild but gentle and angst is kept at a minimum. This is a feelgood read and I enjoyed it a lot.
This lovely story is, at its heart, a very sweet romance, which the hot and spicy sex only enhances! It's great fun to read as the two characters come together, deal with their preconceptions, misconceptions and misunderstandings, as their hot sex slowly changes into passionate lovemaking, and they come to realize that their hearts are as involved as their bodies. I strongly recommend this story.
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