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This manga is in my top 10 list ... actually in my top 3 if i'm thinking things through. I absolutely love the characters, the story, the cliffhangers ... everything. I highly recommend it for anyone that likes a yakuza/mafia setting ... this one is right up there with Totally Captivated ... i read them again and again ... for sure an adult manga ;)
Great art, simple plot, quite amusing and the right dose of light masochism => 5 starts in my book => i REALLY REALLY hope we get more from this author ;)
If you want a sweet, endearing yaoi love story with a very manly seme / cutesy neko combination ... well, this is just what you need. I really love Shima Asahi but out of all her stories this is in my top 3 ;) I can only hope that the second character "candidate for seme role" (Ogata) will get a story of his own. Happy reading :)
It was cute and very funny. I'll be looking forward to the next volumes :D
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