Kara's Reviews & Ratings

It wasn't something great but it wasn't bad either. The story line didn't flow well and seemed as though it was a much larger story chopped up into pieces getting rid of a lot of middle ground information that would make the story more coherent. I get the page limit idea but this story should probably not have been so short.
This story was incredibly adorable! I didn't know what to expect but really, I highly recommend reading this!
Absolutely fantastic! So much going on here. I couldn't recommend it more strongly!
Good story, but the reason for the initial abandonment is not divulged upon in full and leaves me thinking that part might have been rushed. Still, I would definitely recommend this one.
Really cute and sexy! I alternate between wishing these characters were real so I could punch them, and wishing they were real so I could hug them! I want moar?
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