shilyte's Reviews & Ratings

this was way too abrupt.this would have been better had it been longer or at least had another chapter added. as it is now i just have questions about how some things happened and the ending seemed like it was just cut off.
This was freaking hot.i hope more chapters will be coming out soon.
if you want a smut manga it's good to pass the time.For me though,I know it was a one-shot, this was just to rushed. It had the usual cliches, which i don't mind,but there was no build up. Just a rush from a to z with none of the things that make a one shot good for me. So read at your own risk.
This story was short but sexy.Since it's a one shot there's no character development. It's just a short sweet read to pass the time and worth the tickets if you like hot sexy threesomes.
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