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Predictable and boring. The art is also abit off for me, especially on the male lead. His drawing feels like an after thought compared to the detail put into the heroine. It's not a bad book, it's just... Blah.
This is a very romantic story which a male lead who doesn't realize hes in love and a female lead who is calm and collected around him while he figures it out. Shes a little confused by his actions, but also amused.
The arts a little scratchy, but its the story that annoys me. The male lead thinks terribly of the female lead and treats her badly based on rumors and just his personality. She's done nothing wrong and at least 3 times hes accused her basely. His apology falls flat, when he goes and does it again, then apologies again. I don't know why she forgave this guy or even had fond feelings for him for 10 years. If the guy I liked called me a slut right after taking my virginity, it would be a traumatic experience that would haunt me for 10 years and not incite any positive feelings feelings seeing him again. The male lead never even properly apologizes for this incident.
I usually like this artist's style. However I hated the lead females hair, it was hideous. The plot was interesting however it is not resolved at the end, and this is a stand alone story. Buy a different book this is not worth it.
I don't know why but I found this story very boring after the first preview 20 pages. The child element just seemed way to thrown in randomly.
I feel like I wasted 4 tickets on this.
I don't understand why she said her father was welcome to visit her son anytime when he was abusive towards her and her mother... But it was a sweet story. Joel was very cute. Race was domineering and manipulative but he changed thankfully.
Her aim is to hurt him badly because of what happened in her past. This story shows how you only experience one side of the events and how feelings and past predjudices can make you blind to other things. How Rae comes to terms with the hurt in her past and what she is doing to Giles and how Giles has ambition and pride but cares for her more. It is a good story.
Juliana has lived her entire life the way her mother wanted. When her mother decides her marriage too Juliana has finally had enough. She startsto slowly gain confidence to stand up for what she wants her life to be, and she bids on Rex towards that end. This is a very cute romance story between a woman who is fining the courage to make her own decisions and a good man who is ashamed of his past hurtful behaviour.
The little brother needed to grow up. But there were problems in the marriage from the start. They meet later after having dealt with their own issues which enables them to start dealing with the misunderstandings the inflicted on each other. The drawings are also very pretty.
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