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This story about the relationship between friends and family but it also has value like honest, thrust and protection to family and friends. It has sweet, romance and sad storyline to read. I recommend to read this love story.
Thid story very sweet and romantic even their have a lot misunderstood to each other but the storyline really good and I enjoy to read it.
The story line so funny to read because theirs meeting and getting up to each other. So weird that guy to like her only using smell. The reader can try to read this story.
Not really understand this storyline and its not really great but i try to understand the whole story.
This short story really rushed but for the moment it's ok and the storyline need to improved.
I like the whole storyline about this story. We can see how important role the family to help each other when have problem. That guy really fool because not being honest and confession to his wife before her gone. That woman also have same problem like her husband. I recommend to read this story.
How lucky that girl have 3 handsome guy as her candidate husband but i feel sorry to that girl because all the guys only chase her grandfather heritance. I recomend to the reader for read the story.
This very good story to read and it's about the mistress who has the children. This story has good value likes we need to forget the past,forgive to another person and we should know that in this world have another person whose love us. I recommend to reader for read this story.
It was good story and we can learn how very important to trust and honest to other person especially someone we love. Even the story get rush to the end but this love-child genre get strong with the lesson, we can know how important family and love in our life. So as the reader i commend to read it.
It's very interesting story love but why that girl late to know about herself feeling. That guy really loyal to her even his very popular among girls in the office. Try to read this story and this continuity story.
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