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A pretty simple but cute story to read when you have to much time/too many tickets, haha. As a one time read it's more than acceptable and don't read too much into the story or how the theme of demons is handled here. It's still better than the average no-story smut with highschoolers.
This one has a really setting of combining both mature erotica with boys love, even though the MC is pretty much a trap trap with those looks. The idea may seem obvious but somehow I haven't seen manga yet which went that way. Lloyd (the blond guy) is my favorite for now but I do hope that they will flesh out Lune more in the coming chapters. If this series goes on long enough then there already was even a potential third candidate already! Looking forward to the coming chapters!Good smutNice styleMediocre storyMuch funNote: Contains a smaller amount of mob rape in one of the chapters, so read by your own discretion.
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