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The main character is soooo relatable that it burns...ughhh i enjoyed reading it but it seems ;like the ending is a cliffhanger. Also the progression is so great but it seems the author had a deadline or something :p lol but otherwise i definitely would recommend
I must say that I really liked this story!If your into D/L dynamics (he's sort of like a daddy dom :0) then this is great...Also, she screws an older guy once, and hes not even that old and ugly, (but someone gave it two stars for that??) oh well I feel it sort of further let us know who the character was by her choice of guy,Also, if you find the humor in things than you might find this a little funny, and also I love how real the dialogue gets when the protagonist reveals her job, and the characters have their own little quirks to them that are hilarious when they are acting out the scenes;p Idk, I highly recommend, one of my favorites on renta now !
A little disapointing, there isnot a marriage hunt or marriege :(
Wow it is so perfect,I can really relate to the main character and the drawing is lovely too. Bravo bravo ;.)
Wow, I can't even...This author really pays attention to detail and what elicits excitement in these sorts of situations (Older/Younger relationships) and you can really see the difference in the father and son characters...Also, it's not all that far fetched of a idea in how they put it and it just left me saying 'WOW'!.I think once this story gets more updates that it will definately be a top seller on the site, In all I'd put it up there with the best manga on here;)!Please upload soon <3
I really like this one, I feel like I learn from this lol. I wish there was more!!!
This is a creative and engrossing story. It not only gives you smut but it gives you emotion and mixes of...well all the things you might be into to ;) Also it even dares to touch the subject of the theory of universes lol. I reaaaally like this one:)
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