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Rachel, I agree with you 100%. Once I found a key piece of information I was perturbed and slightly hesitant on continuing the story...
Not worth the ticket. The art is interesting, but the story line at the end is lacking. The passion between the characters was not well portrayed in the story.
Great read and would highly recommend! This story begins with the pairing of a seemingly unfit couple; the plain Jane and the handsome playboy. Yet as time progresses there might be a ray of hope for the odd couple, whom are trying to transform a haunted, old, near abandoned mansion into home sweet home. But of course, there is more mystery involved in the story that might be solved in part 2! If you like, character transformation along with good character development then this is the story for you. The description does not do it justice because it makes it seem like a corny haunted house story and it's definitely more than that.
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