sammy86067's Reviews & Ratings

I love the split personality of the seme and of course love older ukes.
This manga genuinely has a plot that keeps you engaged. The protagonists have built up character traits besides being a genetic seme/uke. Can't wait to see what happens in volume two!
This work has great art and all the stories are equally adorable. I find all the love interests to be really hot, nothing is too drama heavy and the plots are fluffy/cute!
Nerima Zim has done it once again! Personally, I have a soft spot for older ukes, but not only is this one of Nerima's hottest pieces but arguabaly one of the best older uke works out there.
This manga was adorable. I love cute tops and masculine bottoms. It was a little rushed, but good none the less.
This is great, if you love gap moe!
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