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I love this manga!!! So sweet and funny at the same time! Me being a 5 feet girl with a baby face I know how it feels to be in her shoes.
Cute and a typical story with some yandere moments not the best but still enjoyable.
I would've given it 5 stars but 2 reasons why (may contain spoilers)1: Hated how shin knew NONE has feelings for Mustia but still took advantage of him! The first one to touch those nips should've BEEN MUSTIA NOT YOU SHIN!!!!2: there should more lovey-dovey moments with MUSTIA AND NONE!!!!
Really like this story though it is a bit rush on developing feelings for each other it's still a good read!
This is absolutely the cutest/hottest neko manga ever! I love this author's work so much! Sweet with a pinch of spiciness making you want so much more!