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The story seemed so tragic in the beginning. i
Kou Natsuo is one of my favorite writer/artist. His/her stories are unconventional yet they have this certain appeal the keeps one glues to the story. In this particular set of stories, I have to say that I didn't like the first one as I am not into those type of incestual romances (they are half-siblings) however the rest of them I enjoyed a lot. 3 different stories with 3 different challenges. Nanako and Mr. Kagami's story can be quite scandalous - I can't imagine if he was really married. Aoba and Mr. Kubo's story is a bit emotional. A young girl wanting more time from an extremely busy man she loves. And the third one, Fumie and Homare's story, I find funny and cute! Hope you'd enjoy them as much as I did! ;)
I would describe this story like an Indian curry. You have the basic elements of sweet ingredients plus the spicy-ness that makes it a very appealing dish. A love story that tackles all angles of human emotions that someone can possibly be dealt with in real life. In the end, no matter what Hana and Mr. Kido have gone through, their love prevailed. Not to mention the art work is cute. Hope you enjoy the story as much as I did. :)
This story is very very funny. Kept me entertained from the beginning to the end, page by page. I thought it'd be good to have this done in movie as well. A perfect rom com.
After a few pages, my tears started rolling non-stop. It's that Cinderella story that just doesn't get old. Makes you feel warm, humbled and so happy at the end of the story. I wish the story had been longer so we can know more about Magda's background and how she came about taking care of Benjie. The drawing is very good especially that of the cute boy Benji and the handsomeness of the character Rafaello was adeptly conveyed.
Such a compelling story. The characters were beautifully drawn and the turn of events are quite fast so there's no non-action moment. The plot makes your heart race and the love angle is moving. I do hope the other guardians would be able to find their respective true love like Maddox and Ashlyn.
All I can say is, I'm hooked! Everything you're looking for in a story is in this series. I'm not much into the sex parts but the entire story makes you flip the pages as fast as you can. I like it that Sakura is very considerate of Far's position and that Far is so persistent on his love for Sakura. Just like the characters in this amazing series, you won't give up and would ask for more!
Of all the manga that I've read, this series tops my list. The story keeps you feeling warm and truly gives a sense of romanticism though it's unconventional. I like that the characters dialogues have normal conversational flow, something that does not break a plot's thought. The story also has a good balance on twists element. Plus the drawing is very cute.
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