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Nice story !!
The story felt rushed towards the end like it didn't even show that the father wasn't involved .
It's a nice story ...liked the ending
Nice story
It was a ok story . I just felt it was kind of rushed at the end like something was missing. The art work was ok not great but ok ? I only rented it because of review ... But try it for yourself everyone has different opinions ...
Didn't like it I thought it was a boring story, I still don't get it how they stretched it to 129 pages when the story was not good at all .I really wish some else had put a review about it before I rented it .
Wow the story was great I really liked it
Well at first I liked the story but the ending I didn't like even thou I love happy endings but the way they turned out to be that her little brother is his little brother is just not right I don't like those kinds of stories
Wow the art work was really bad the story was boring !! I highly recommend looking at the preview first so you could see the art work before you pay for it I know I learned my leason ( I really value art work when reading so it was a disappointment for me )