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When I saw this title, it caught my eye. I saw it in an email one day and I had to know and, man I was glad that I did stumble to read more.This story was sooooooo juicy and scandalous that this is almost in comparison to the American hit drama, Scandal, every one talks about that a lot. The story starts off as A woman is working in an office and apparently has a crush on a dude, her boos, but he is married, and in today's society that is a no no, especially in the church's, that's just wrong. The first exciting incident in this story is when Mr. Nitta and Ms. Katsuragi have sex in the elevator and then to get caught by co-worker Yuu. NOW THAT'S HOT....oh wait did I say that, oh well its SPICY HOT. When I read that I was in awwww for the two to go for it, but at the same time, i know its wrong and I would have told him GET ME A HOTEL ROOM OR NO COOKIE FOR YOU (Vagina.) Then the day Yuu blackmails Katsuragi into doing whatever he wants to her in order not to reveal the secret. Now I wouldn't have a problem with that, he single, she single, heck lets do it. But then after she runs back to Mr. Nitta knowing very well he has a wife at home, tsk tsk tsk. If I were her I say go back to your wife, but I'm not her tho. Then one of the co-workers get married and then that's when we see the wife and hes very pretty and very fitting for him, why would he give up that cookie for another cookie. I just felt sorry for that wife when she found out abut them, but she was smart not to tell the husband, but then again he kinda knew what was up. As for me I take marriage seriously, that is if I was married, when they say till death do us part, I be like, you are to faithful to me and me only. I like the wife how she drastically changes and then he's like, wait..what happened to you, I think I love my wife, that's he's reaction. And in the end Mr. and Mrs. Nitta are so fully in love and Yuu and Katsuragi are together at last. I was rooting for them the whole time
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