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Cute first chapter. The buildup is slow but worth it. I like when there is an actual story instead of just sex. Our heroine breaks out into hives when she is near hot guys and little did she know the hero is actually a hot guy behind those glasses, lol. Last page is such a cliffhanger. I can't wait for the 2nd chapter!
The heroine is really something, haha. She's naive but she's not shy at all. The contrast between the two characters is really funny. Great read!
If you like The Artist and the Beast, you will like this. Also the art is good and consistent.
This is quite an interesting plot (one of the weirdest plots on Renta but I like that it's different)! It really reminds me of a supernatural shoujo manga but with some sexy time in it. Art is great and I like the humor too. I would definitely check out the rest of this series.
I've read many stories on Renta and most of them tend to fall flat when it comes to plot but this one is different. The story is interesting and I can already see a love story blossoming. Art is very nice too. 5/5 would recommend.
I know, I know, this is your typical girl in glasses meets arrogant hot guy story BUT I enjoy these plotlines despite how cliche they may seem. I like the fact that the sex is at the end so you get to know the characters better in the beginning. I also love the talking bunny doll (it being able to talk and move is all part of the heroine's imagination but its expressions are hilarious).
This is one of the better spicy love mangas on this site. While there is a heavy emphasis on sex, the mangaka didn't neglect the romance of the story. I love the part where he carried her to the top of the shrine, it is very sweet. The art is also very pleasant to look at. It's kinda sad that this is only a one-shot because I would love to read a continuation of this story.
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