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This review is for all 6 chapters. There will/ may be spoilers so read at your own discretion.So think of this as Absolute Boyfriend, for those that have read it or at least know what it is, but with all of the missing sex scenes!!!Instead of a robot there is a clone of a, shut in otaku?, scientist and the clone is hot. It does jump straight into foreplay towards the end of the first chapter/book which wasn't bad but felt a bit rushed. There are also a bit of conflicting feeling on the main characters pov which can be a bit confusing to understand if you are person that can get obsorbed in the characters. The over all story was good but a bit rushed on its delivary. Over all I would recommend. The art style is super cute and simple!
This first chapter is really cool, totally unexpected with the seme to uke relationship tbh but love it so far. Total cliff hanger ending and I can not wait for the next part.
This is such a cute book. It has 3 seperate stories and while i bought it thinking it was all about the couple in the preview it isnt really. My favorite is actually the second story, its super cute with fates lovers. I rated in for stars due to the completely blurred out etchy scenes but its a wonderful read and worth the money!
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