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It's a good read. Don't read a lot of Harlequin but the formula of these romances are usually the same. This story sort of took a detour from the usual formula, in my opinion. I like it because of that.
Agree with other reviewers before me that the art has changed from chapter1 and that its nice to see a change in male lead type character. Sad to say though that the female lead annoyed me in the first chapter already. Hence my 3 stars.
Great sex scenes but the heroine is too much of a doormat for my liking. It's why my review is 3 stars. It's interesting premise though b/c the male lead is a zombie but I can't like the girl.
Very good Shoujo manga. Great price too. I just wished that it updates more frequently. It's very unlikely that you find a heroine who isn't a doormat to the male lead.
Very good read. Different from the usual Harlequin storylines of rich man/poor woman. I recommend this to others.
1st of all, the title of this story is completely misleading. Definitely did not take 9 months to change the man's mind. 2nd of all, storyline is OK, typical harlequin. Stepmother is a bit far fetched though.
This is utter crap. I regretted wasting my ticket on this. Do not waste your time with this one.
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