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Well this isn't bad, but it isn't great either. This story has a decent plot but rushes through the story leaving it lacking and incomplete. You just begin to see character development when the story ends leaving you with nothing but questions. It has some decent smut and I liked the story but overall it's not worth the 400 points you pay to get it.
Worth the points. A great blend of smut and story.
This is shaping up to be a long story. The characters are realistic and while some of its cheesy over all it's worth the points and the read!
This really wasn't worth the points, it was good but wait for a sale then read it. Seems incomplete as well.
This is worth the points spent. This had depth of character, a plot and kept you interested without relying solely on smut. I will re-read this again.
This lacked much of a plot and the MC was in desperate need of common sense. It was packed full of smut but was censored to the hilt making it not worth the points. At some points the art was more gone than there.
The MC was spineless, with abuse of authority by the doc thrown in this was a waste of points. I didn't feel this story flowed nicely, but it was full of smut it only redeeming quality.
This is more of a love story than spicy, but worth the read! Looking forward to more chapters!
I loved this story, the plot isn't original or anything but it draws you in and that make this story awesome!
Well worth the tickets to read. 5 stars.
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