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The story's good, but it seems to drop off in the middle.
I was discussed at how the FL just took what ever was dished at her because she liked the country. The art was good, horrible story.
Rushed ending, but worth the points.
How to describe this Manga? Cotton candy + vanilla pudding+ ice cream and top it off with 3 pounds of sugar. It's sickly sweet and unrealistic. Nobody seems to have a brain here and everything goes wrong.It's not BAD, but wait for a sale, it's not worth the points.
Wow. Believe when you read this title is awful. WAAAY to expensive for what you get. It's like the author or translator got lazy half way through and you can skip half the story and still know exactly what is going on. No real shut, and less story.Save your points.
Its cute. Both are awkward in the relationship and she over thinks everything. I agree with another user that said the way they talk is annoying, I whole heartedly agree! It also feels like a dropped ending, but still a good read.
Worth the points!! I'm looking forward to the rest of this story!!
It's a short and cute, sumt story. Light and fluffy, with nothing all that original but still well worth the points!
I felt this should have been longer, but it was a great story. Maybe I'll try more from this author.
The ML is an misguided ass and the FL is a damsel in destress while trying to look brave. The act fails. Epically.Not impressed. Wait till it goes on sale before spending your points.
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