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This Manga is HOT!!! Full color. Has all the great elements of a sexy story...Attractive, dominant guy, clueless, naive woman, and really hot love scenes that make you want to read more. Love the interaction between the 2 main characters. I give the first book 5 stars. Can't wait to see what's next!!
This shoujo manga is really good and so far, a little naughty. You have a highly attractive teenage boy, who is a professional model, who forces his childhood (girl) friend Hatoko to do a professional girlfriend shoot with him but no one told her she has to get nude. Subaru has a tsundere personality when it comes to how he treats people, including how he treats Hatoko and because of that, Hatoko is tired of being treated like a slave to her friend and wants to find her own boyfriend. You know Suburu is NOT having that!!! LOL....He wants her for his self. If you want to see how this story develops, you gotta read it. It's a full color manga and for me, definitely worth the tickets. : )
I really like these types of manga where they start off with good character development and grow. You have a girl named Hiyori, who finds out her childhood guy friend, Soushi, is moving in with her . (He actually looks really hot but, she doesn't see him as being hot because they are close friends, and there wasn't really any other guys, around her age, to compare him with when they graduated from middle school.) Well Shoushi, wants to be in a relationship with her and Hiyori has no clue how to handle it. He does stuff that embarrases her but, he's trying to get her to notice him as a man. In the 2nd book, there is another guy who....no...no... I won't spoil it for you... ; )But this story is a full color manga and the art is fantastic. I've read all 3 books so far and can't wait to see what's in store for the main characters.
I Love, Love, LOVE this MANGA!!! This manga is in my top 10 favorite manga stories. The female character, Mitsu is a sweet but naive virgin who is now the new owner of a brothel that caters to women. In order for her to understand what a brothel is she needs to learn more about their services and gets "educated" lol. I was actually pleasantly surprised with this manga. This manga was pretty hot and actually has a feeling of sensuality to it. All the characters are well drawn and the story has a good flow to it. If you like hot, guys, a good story and a little naughtiness. I invite you to check this story out. It's worth it!!
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