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I'm tired of the Main guy forcing himself on the girl then get mad at her for not liking it! He forced himself on her in front of her boyfriend then he understandably leaves angry. And the main guy feels no guilt what so ever then tells the girl to trust him. That's garbage for romance!
Not very good. A kiss at most but nothing solid to go on. Characters are ok ,but nothing to ride home about.
Not much smut but I love this relationship. The Girl is likable and the guy is a decent human being for once. Both like each other and I adore watching their relationship bloom.
I personally didn't like this as much as I thought. Like a lot of love stories the main character gets angry for the right reasons yet everyone in the story makes it out like she's in the wrong. I understand that this is fantasy story for others to enjoy but it shouldn't be at the cost of the main character's self value. It will teach others that its ok to let men treat women as such or make women think they should throw common sense out the window. Then ending does correct this though and I am glad the children are put first.
I loved the story. Both the man and woman love each other genuinely and have real relationship problems that they work out together. The only thing I didn't like was how everyone takes advantage of the main girl's gullibility.
I personally didn't like that story. I won't spoil it but the character that comes after the MC feels like a predator and I know most of these stories have that but this seems very deceitful and somewhat manipulative that it makes me uncomfortable to read.
Its a very sweet story of a shy girl getting a hot classmate. Soon she see's that appearances can be deceiving.
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