Poisonpink's Reviews & Ratings

Subaru,the young boss who is Hina's ex bf in secondary school is totally hot but I'm also interest in Hiro(Hina's ex crush) the story become more and more interesting, can't wait to see what's going to happen between those 3! There are some very hot and spicy scenes, definitely worth the tickets =)
I never thought the CEO is a gay but he fall in love with Yuko and become a couple,it's an interesting story but the art is ok for me... There are rivals that are guys that appear in the story and the way Yuko react to it is funny, if you want something funny and a bit of steamy scenes then you should try this =)
It's a good story although it's short but it had quite a few hot and steamy scenes that make you fall for the handsome boss =) The story had a good ending and I like the art too! Definitely worth the tickets~
I love this story! I wish I can have the ability to get into a hot guy's dream and do different kind of sweet/hot things together that can't be done in reality...I love how Jun react when he is with Kaede,he is cute and funny, I don't even mind he is a true geek..who wouldn't accept a guy who love you for 3 years and had done everything for you? The story show Jun how he struggle to let Kaede know his feeling and how Kaede realize her feeling to Jun, what's more it had saucy hot scenes in between the story that make you blush, definitely worth all 5 tickets!
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