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Cute art, interesting characters. Seeing a meek, herbivore type of guy turns aggressive within seconds definitely gives the character a somewhat psychopathic trait, but that's exactly what makes it interesting. Still waiting for more character development.
This is probably the first manga where there is actually a scene where the guy took care of his depressed partner, and really taking care, not in a sexual meaning (but yeah it did involve some sex), but actually comforting and pampering his partner. It was seriously sweet and I immediately fell in love with the character I was supposed to dislike. And the second story is just so SO sexy. Men wearing lingerie isnt really my cup of tea but the author managed to make the character so well and seductive eventhough he was supposed to be plain. This is a must read and I didnt regret every ticket I spent for this.
This is so good! The stories are sweet, ranging from high school students, office workers, college students, etc. My fave is the last story.
A sickly boy was sent to the countryside to recover, met his gardener's son and became attached too him. Maybe a little too attached. The plot for this manga is nothing new and expectedly quite predictable. However, the art is an apple to the eye, the characters are beautiful (physically), and the ending was sweet. I love the idea that the gardener's son has been in love with the main protagonist since the first time. There's a lack of character development, though, and there was one rape scene so if that makes you uncomfortable, skip chapter 4 from page 22 to the end. Still, I love this.
I actually didn't hope for much plot when I saw it had threesome in it. The uke in love with the heartless seme but stayed in a friends-with-benefit relationship. Then enter the innocent student who was in love with the uke. But was I wrong, it turned to be quite good. The character development was great, though somewhat predictable. I love how the uke actually have the courage to put some distance between the two of them instead of being a pushover. The art is so nice, too. All in all, I love this manga and will recommend it.
Emi-sensei's artstyle is super good. The plot itself is interesting even though some part, especially regarding the characters' personality, seemed flawed and confusing. Like, why would the bad mom suddenly turned into a nice woman, etc. However, the building relationship between the two main characters is touching and The whole flow of the story does not seem awkward. The smut scene is there, and is an important part of the story, but the author did a great job at not forcefully putting a sex scene everywhere.
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