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Art, BEAUTIFUL. Storyline, ADORABLE! Characters, Likeable!! Everything about this series is great and I especially love the sense of humor between the main characters. I definitely recommend buying the series. You will not regret it one bit ^^
Honestly, I was very skeptical about the story- 03.13.2020- but now that I finally decided to buy the story, I am so glad I did!! The art is amazing, the story is definitely a five star story. The FMC and MC are both like-able, PLUS- the FMC isn't really a pushover either which is nice consider the plot. Definitely, give this a read if you are looking for something different.
This story seems to be off on a good start but also seems very cliched too at the same time. It does have it's one mystery which is why the FMC did not want to be with the MMC. The art is amazing and beautiful. I gave this 4 stars because it seems cliched but besides that, off to a great start~.
If you are into older adult comics, this is the one.Story starts off pretty nice and easy to understand and very relatable in a few ways. Art is great. Another thing I noticed is that it's not choppy just yet from the first chapter. It may feel rushed but in my opinion, It's more of a
After finishing Book 3/Ch. 3, I love this story.It has great character development and helps the reader see perspective. I have no idea if this story ends after this but what I do know is that, if it does and you want something short, loving, with great art, YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.
It was good in the beginning but reading the new chapter (5), everything feels choppy. I don't mind rushing depending the feel of the book but in that chapter (5), the read was way too off and way too
This storyline is getting intresting from the first read. It gives you an idea and insight on S&M and stuff but the female and male MC are both intresting charcters. I'll update my review once I read chapter 2 but for now, I give it a yes. Artwork is pretty ^^
The story is very fast paced which threw me off actually. Not bad but could have slowed down a bit. It's a good read and the MC is likeable. She's not a complete moron and that is a plus! Considering that this is book 1, so far, pretty good. Waiting to see what happens next. Will update.
Plot is what gets my attention next to the art. It has it's quirky cute jokes and it is very intresting. This is a MUST-READ for sure.
This is defiantelt an intresting title for being 1 chaopter in right now. I really apperciate the POV from the porn industry. Really excited to see more of this manga series..! So far- 4/5 for me ^^
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