Seelu's Reviews & Ratings

This is an adorable series! It reads like a web toon.The writing and pace is fantastic, and it ends on a perfect note. It's a happy story with bits of drama and comedy to keep you interested until last panel. Just don't expect full smut - there's a bit of nudity and some sexual content. This story will have you smiling after you're done.
To be completely honest, this is a very cringy story. It was rough to get past the first half of the book. The main character is an invert stalker and is very awkward. You can tell the author was trying to make him a bit comedic but he just comes off as weird and creepy, and not in a good way.2/5 because the art was alright and the main char is given some justice in the end.
Hootttttt. <3Different, interesting stories with great art. The stories have closure too, which really makes it worth reading to me.
Cute story with beautiful art, but not for me. Pacing was weird and the character's emotions were unbelievable - I couldn't emphatize with the heroine. It's like a teenager wrote this.
Surprisingly a good story! I was worried about it being too forced but I really like Ryu's chatacter.
Great story over all. Nice amount of drama and the personalities were great. The characters were both enjoyable and believable for a shojo manga without being overbearing. It also has a good length (about 200 pgs)... Well worth the $6!
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