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It's a breath of fresh air to read a story like this. Skye is strong and independent, but is also very loving and caring. Her reasons for leaving Nick were understandable to me. Nick is a successful lawyer who doesn't want a family, or so he has led himself to believe. He's a bit pushy with what he wants, but overall, he cares about Skye and even Holly when he finds out about her. Definitely worth the purchase!
The romance did feel a tad rushed at times. But the issues both leads faced in the past were heavy; there's some emotional weight there. It could have been better, but I still enjoyed reading it.
Good writing, pretty artwork, but mostly a bittersweet story. Emily and Jason both have conflicting views on what love is to a fault. His realism and her idealism clash constantly yet somehow that also makes them perfect for each other. In a way, they balance each other out.For the most part, it was a wonderful story. But at the same time, it was exceedingly frustrating to read. Not sure if I'd read it again but if a bittersweet love story is what you're looking for, then I'd recommend reading this.
Having read this a few times, I've come to understand that while the two main leads made a wonderful couple they also had underlying issues in their marriage. They decide to get married after meeting for one day, so I understood why they didn't decide to talk to each other about their own personal problems until years later, after separating. Even when married for quite some time, their priorities lay elsewhere.I saw both sides of their story and genuinely feel for both of them. I recommend reading this because not only is this a sweet story, but also an emotional journey.Would definitely read again. :)
This was... an okay story. It had a good start, but then it got to the love scenes... Why the heck are there so many?! I've read plenty of Harlequin comics and I can't remember the last time I read one that had so many sex scenes! I'd have probably liked the story a bit better if they toned down the amount, had better pacing, and had time to establish chemistry because there was barely any between the two romantic leads.
Not the best story I've seen on here. Nadir makes horrible assumptions about Imogen through part of the first half, became more tolerable once he learned from his mistakes... Even so, the romance feels somewhat forced.Had a happy ending, which I love to see, but the story as a whole could've been done much better.
Having read this story a few times, enough to have it permanently in my library, I have to say that this story is wonderful. Both main leads have gone through emotional hardship though their struggles and how they overcame them are vastly different.The guy is a cancer patient survivor who struggles with the fact he may not be able to have children. The girl had not only lost a mother but found out through her mother's will the truth behind her conception. Both meet at a bar and connect instantly, resulting in a one night stand that led to the girl getting pregnant. I get why she was apprehensive about involving the father in her daughter's life, she feels betrayed that he left her after the night they shared and doesn't want the possibility of getting hurt again. On the other hand, he feels equally betrayed yet doesn't understand what it means to truly love until the end.I recommend renting it first. Decide for yourself if it's worth the read or not. I sure did. :)
Oh my gosh! This was such a sweet and sad story! It was awful seeing what Theo and Stella had to go through... but it was worth getting through to the end! So many happy tears...5/5 Would read again!
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