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(First chapter review) Not nearly as creepy as a typical vampire romance, although it still does have some of the same problems (idiot protagonist, blowing cover for no adequately explained reason, deus ex machina immunity to mental effects).
(First chapter review) Ugh. Why some people apparently find the inability to understand a clear "no" sexy is something I don't understand, will never understand, and frankly probably don't want to understand! Beyond that, this story fetishizes abuse of power, eroticizes preying on need, and has a premise based on blackmail and victim-blaming. Oh well, at least it isn't yet another vampire story.
(First chapter review) The vampire blows his cover for essentially no reason at all. Is that supposed to be good characterization? He then forces himself onto the lead, and extorts her into both keeping the secret he had no reason to reveal and letting him "suck" her whenever he wants. Is that supposed to be hot?
(Note: first chapter review only)Fairly good. The story has shades of a kind of "1984"-lite, and the premise is similar to "Love Not Found". Even the first chapter has decent worldbuilding. Also, it's nice to see something that uses explicit consent, as compared to the seemingly unaware dubcon and noncon that seems to be fairly common here.The only problems I've seen so far are: 1) Not enough worldbuilding. More detail on the actual setting, and why it is the way it is, would be nice. 2) The visuals when the leads meet are a bit threatening.
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