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It was... Okay. I was hoping for it to be a bit more supernatural, with him "starving", but that isn't explained at all, and now that it's over it was a bit disappointing to me. The art was nice, and the characters were okay, I just felt like this was going to be something it ended up not being. I dunno, I probably wouldn't have rented it if I had known that it was just gonna be another regular love story without the fantasy element the first chapter kind of implied.
I like this one so far, only the first chapter. The art is cute, I like the characters, the story is trope-y, but still enjoyable. The one thing I didn't like was the spoiler sex on the first page. I mean, we all know they'll get together eventually, it just takes away some of the tension when the first page is the story conclusion. Just my opinion.
This is a weird one. Not fantastical weird, just I can't see this ever happening, ever. All four characters are very, very, very okay with sex, and watching their friends have sex, even tho the main character just finds out two of his friends are bi.That being said, I'm digging it a lot. It's very smutty sexy, the main character is likeable, and it is kinda adorable in a strange way. I like the art, too. This is fun to read. (2 chapters at time of review)
The story just feels flat. I didn't like either of the main two characters, the top is bossy, selfish, and forceful to the point that it feels wrong, and not in a sexy way. The bottom (the editor) is whiny and doesn't stand up for himself, then eventually just gives up with some vague, wishy-washy feelings. The bottom's boss even tells him at some point to just let the top (the author) have sex with him because it's part of his job.At the end they get together, but the main character isn't really into it and just kinda gives into the top, who is very clear that he is gonna do what he wants no matter what.There isn't really love or anything, there is no romantic build up. It's just selfish narcissist gets what he wants because he can.
Second book just as good as the first!
This is a trap crossdressing story. The main character learns he might desire men after a one night stand with a trap. If you don't like that kind of story, this won't be your thing. I really like it so far, and am looking forward to where it's heading and I like the art.
If you like crossdressing love stories, this is one for you, but it seems to always end in weird places and leave you wanting more...
Loved it. It was cute and smutty. The art was really nice, too. I liked the main story better than the second one, would have liked to see more of their (first couple) relationship develop more, but def worth my points.
Cute concept. Only first chapter right now, but looks really promising. Looking forward to more. Cute, naive main character and his stone-faced bestie getting it on.
The art is pretty. The characters are very obvious and shallow, and the story line is a bit dull. Nothing too smutty, though there is a small bit. I didn't finish, it just couldn't keep my attention. I didn't really care about any of the characters. there are short stories at the end, and not even those were that interesting. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but it was kinda dull.
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