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So far, I adore this series. It's so rare to see a male transvestite and a woman in a relationship. It's MORE rare to see it done WELL. The lead man is presented as a completely healthy, "normal" individual who loves cute things and dressing up as a woman. He presents that side of him with no shame. Also despite being in deep smit as soon as he meets his lady, he does everything he can to avoid pushing when she's not ready. He asks repeatedly if she's okay; if he should stop. Even when he's literally in position. He's incredibly doting and protective without being an overbearing bag of dicks.The main lady DID suffer a significant trauma and I was worried the cross-dressing would be a used like a crutch. However, I was pleasantly surprised. After the initial shock, she does genuine self-reflection and admits she's attracted to him WITH the cross-dressing rather than BECAUSE of it. She even treats the cross-dressing like a common interest that puts her at ease enough to let the relationship develop.The pair of them are utterly adorable together and I hope the story continues like this rather than having some kind of ridiculous "you make me want to give up my cross-dressing ways!" trope. It adds to the charm of the story to treat the cross-dressing so normally. I hope they maintain the cute-loving transvestite adoring his cute lady.
I'm actually quite fond of this series. It manages to have engaging characters with steady development without detracting or clashing with the abundant humor or the love-scenes. The art is good and consistent, even if it's a little rough around the edges once in a while. The writing is good enough to draw you in even if you have a "thing" about only reading manga with super-crisp art. It's also refreshing to see a manga with a bisexual male lead portrayed so well. The female lead is a woman he's attracted to, but it doesn't instantly erase the other side of his sexuality. There are a few realistic tweaks of settling into a new relationship, and she openly acknowledges that she likes all of him. He's protective without being overbearing or irrational (although a great deal of humor comes from how anxious he is to keep the former men of his life from trying to steal her). All in all, they're a mature, well-suited couple who are genuinely interested in each other's happiness.
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