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i'm personally a sucker for the whole enemies to lovers trope so i LOVE this series! it can be a bit cliche so if you're not into that i wouldn't recommend it but if you're like me and love a good cheesy romcom i definitely recommend this!
omg so cute and fluffy!! i love haruki and how he tries to win haru over with his cooking hehe also the side pairing is very adorable
Super super super adorable!!! i'm not usually too into burly/tough looking uke characters but this story is an exception! the only thing i didn't like about this story was the the part where itsumi's student council friends were bullying seima. it just seemed too abrupt and didn't really flow well with the story.
i love this story so cute! but i want to know more about yuzuki and kijima! the anticipation is killing me!
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