YokaiAkito's Reviews & Ratings

This story was just too cute! The art style is amazing, and the characters were really kind! Plus, the story was pretty funny and very heartfelt! I highly recommend this mamga!
While the art is a bit old-fashioned, the story is really good. If you like Visual-kei bands, I highly recommend checking this manga out!
This story is so great! It's short and bittersweet, but don't let that drive you away! The characters are well developed, and the art style is wonderful. Please check this story out!
This is such a great story! The love is very cute and the storyline is pretty unique. The characters are all well drawn, and it's easy to tell them apart. I recommend this for anyone wanting a fun read!
Super cute story! The artwork is very nice, and the characters are very expressive. Great for anyone looking for a light BL story!
This story is so sexy and fun! The artwork is amazing, and the characters are perfect for this story! I can't wait to read more from this mangaka! Haha! I highly, highly recommend this to anyone that wants a sexy BL story that's fun, with a bit of an edge!
This is such a cute story! I love it so much! This is great for fans of BL set in a more realistic world, but still plenty of fluff to go around! The art is detailed, and the characters expressions are wonderful! I highly recommend this for anyone wanting a cute, fun story!
Such a touching story! The characters in this story are very believable, and have plenty of flaws. The art style is nicely detailed, and each character is unique. The story has plenty of drama, and it leaves you rooting for the main characters! Haha! I highly recommend this for anyone wanting a story with lots of feels, but leaves you satisfied!
So many feels! This story is really good, and the characters are very grounded and believable. The art style is very detailed, and not over pretty; helping to add to the realism in this story. The story is very dramatic. So, be prepared to have those heart-strings tugged! This manga is perfect for anyone that loves true-to-life stories with lots of drama!
This is such a wonderful story! The art style is very beautiful, and the sex scenes are sweet and sexy. I love how the main characters interact with each other, and there is plenty of undead hijinks! There is also some drama, and even a bit of supernatural action! I highly recommend this for anyone that loves paranormal romance, and fantasy stories set in modern times!