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NEW The Runaway Wife [VertiComix] [Total ch. 241] (Current ch. 223)

NEW The Spirit Queen [VertiComix] [Total ch. 124] (Current ch. 106)

NEW Be My Only Love [VertiComix] [Total ch. 140] (Current ch. 129)

NEW Love of Flourishing Age [VertiComix] [Total ch. 96] (Current ch. 70)

NEW The Encounter with Fox [VertiComix] [Total ch. 147] (Current ch. 135)

NEW My Cactus Boyfriend[VertiComix] [Total ch. 58] (Current ch. 20)

NEW Soundless Cosmos [VertiComix] [Total ch. 104] (Current ch. 84)

NEW Miss Miracle [VertiComix] [Total ch. 209] (Current ch. 207)

NEW Don't Mess with My Sister [VertiComix] [Total ch. 256] (Current ch. 227)

Mind Reading [VertiComix] [Total ch. 53] Completed

The Bait [VertiComix] [Total ch. 56] (Current ch. 54)

Your Fragrance [VertiComix] [Total ch. 94] (Current ch. 87)

Dawn the Teen Witch [VertiComix] [Total ch. 65] (Current ch. 60)

Ch. 1-3 FREE

The Lagy and the Lion [VertiComix] (Current ch. 106)

Mint Couple [VertiComix] [Total ch. 131] Completed

Stay in This Century [VertiComix] [Total ch. 62] (Current ch. 60)

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