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The Face I Like [Total ch. 3] Completed

Ch. 1-2 FREE

You're Wasting a Great Thing [Total ch. 6] Completed

Frontline Hazard [Total ch. 6] Completed

Hooked on Being Dumped [Total ch. 5] Completed

Ch. 1-2 FREE

There's No Way This Is Fate [Total ch. 10] Completed

The Genderswapped Host [Total ch. 6] Completed

King of Masturbation! [Total ch. 6] Completed

No More Mr. Nice Guy [Total ch. 5] Completed

Shiba and Shepherd [Total ch. 10] Completed

Big Brother Takes It All [Total ch. 5] Completed

Rock Your World! [Total ch. 10] Completed

The Man in the Mirror [Total ch. 5] Completed

Ch. 1-2 FREE

I'm Straight, But My Friend Gets Me Hard [Total ch. 8] Completed

Ch. 1 FREE

The Black Prince Makes the Wolf Pant [Total ch. 6] Completed

How to Train Your Puppy [Total ch. 6] Completed

Two Lonely Loves [Total ch. 3] Completed

My Fickle Jaguar [Total ch. 24] Completed

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