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January 21

His Pretend Mistress
The Woman Sent to Tame Him
The Kawai Complex Guide To Manors And Hostel Behavior (24)
Rent a Millionaire Groom 2001 Ways to Wed I
Prone to His Teasing -Driven Wild By My Blind Date's Fingers- (6)
Bee-Sting Babe and the Gorgeous Guy (15)
A Rancher in Her Stocking
The Man in the Mirror (5)
Coffee Lover (4)
The Switch: Me And The Boss I Used To Bully -With The Touch Of My Hands Let Me Hear Your Naughty Cries...!- (7)
Gender-Swap at the Delinquent Academy -He's Trying to Get My First Time!- [VertiComix] (5)
Hybrid Stardust [VertiComix] (6)
Indecent Gentleman in the Fitting Room
Pampered by the Young Wolf -It's Your Fault for Seducing Me- (6)
There's Fanfiction About Us? (6)
Make It Big (2)
The Student I Thought I Knew (4)
Pierre Takigawa Enjoys Making Me Melt -He Can See Right Through Me- (3)
Calico Cat Acupuncture Clinic (1)
Holiday with the Millionaire Tycoons in a Million I
Falling For My Friend With Benefits -The Secret Dating App- (2)
The Last Omegaverse (2)
I Can't Do This Unless We're in Love! (12)
Part-time Lovers (3)

January 24

The Good Luck Story of an Unlucky Guy (1)
I Could Have You Every Night and It Still Wouldn't Be Enough -Set up with My Insatiable Boss- (2)
My Neighbor Mitsuru -There's A Hot Young Guy Living in My Building...- [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]
Tabitha in Moonlight
The Wolf in the Flower Shop (2)
Stars in Heat (4)
Bought with the Italian's Ring
A Raven That Cries But Sheds No Tears [VertiComix] (5)
The Artist and the Beast [VertiComix] (8)
Want to Sell Me Your Body?[VertiComix] (3)
The Way Kizuki Loves Me Is Totally Wrong -He Kisses Me, Touches Me, Then Worships Me!?- (7)
Goodbye Mermaid Princess: Wet for You (2)
Only Be Yourself with Me (7)
That's the Hottest Restaurant in Enoshima (6)
Miyabi's Four Engagements (9)
Embrace the Twilight 2
Kanna Ueno's Love Laboratory (7)
A Holiday Seduction
Cinderella & The Playboy
Keep the Moaning to a Minimum (32)
29 Years Old, Single, Living With The Ceo? (21)
Hana and the Beast Man (6)
Friendship Pregnancy Triangle (2)

January 28

How to Train a Crossdressing Boss (3)
I Chose a Gangster Over God!? (3)
The Blackstone Heir
The Wicked Women -Thriving in the Depths of Debauchery- (5)
A Kiss Is All It Takes (4)
The Perfect Seduction The Perfect Family I
The Beautiful Sumo Grand Champion -The Night I Was Defeated by His Secret Technique- (2)
[VertiComix] Mahoko! Quit Being So Bossy! (10)(Transcending Time and Space 2)
Wanted: Perfect Wife
What the Millionaire Wants...
Welcome to the Hot Spring of Love! (2)
The President's Daughter
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