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May 29

Scandalizing the Ceo The Devonshire Heirs II
Mistress of La Rioja
His Pretend Wife
The Sheik and I Capturing the Crown III
A Bride for the Boss
Don't Think I'm That Easy. (6)
Prone to His Teasing -Driven Wild By My Blind Date's Fingers- (10)
Sleazy Love (3)
Tonight, I Fall for Those Fingertips
Goodbye Mermaid Princess: Wet for You (11)
I'm a Complete (Fake) Sadist -Your Tastes Are a Little Unorthodox- (3)
It's That Disgusting Guy Who Stole My Innocence [Plus Bonus Page]
Little Miss Oblivious and Her Savage Darling (3)
How to Go from
Running a Love Hotel with My Math Teacher (52)
Beating the Heroine at Her Own Game (6)
What Happens When a Handsome Gangster Starts Keeping a Straight Man on a Short Leash (3)
Trapped in an Elevator! -Two Hot Salarymen, Going Up!- (15)
I May Be Your Big Brother But I Want You To Be Sweet On Me (5)
Starting Today, I'm a Delinquent Slut!? (12)
Mommy Daddy -No Milk's Coming out of My Nipples!-
Come On-a My House (3)
Talk to Me (3)
The Student Council President Wants to be a Manservant (3)

June 2

The Spaniard's Pregnant Bride Heirs Before Vows I
A Very Unusual Governess 1
Surrender to the Millionaire
Threat from the Past
Falling for the Enemy
The 45-Year-Old Gentleman Is a Tactless Beast -Tonight, Teach Me How It's Supposed to Be Done...- (5)
Beware of the Beast (6)
The Queen's True Face -The Savage Colleague and the Office Lessons- (1)
You Can Leave If You Want -Paying the Rent with My Body- (3)
Only Be Yourself with Me (8)
The Student I Thought I Knew (8)
I Can't Fall in Love with My Husband! (21)
Coy Innocence -Getting Set up with My Doting CEO!?- (5)
Living Together with First-rate Men!? -My Childhood Friend Is a Perverted Animal- (8)
Monthly: Editor-in-Chief Aikawa (24)
Sorry! Everyone's Favorite Prince Is No Longer Innocent (7)
A Peaceful Dungeon Life (8)
From the Front-Line Base with Love (24)
Omega Marking (1)
How to Cure a Germaphobe (5)
You Better Not Run Before I Get My Way! -Preyed on by My Scary Boss- (3)
Claimed by Rei (1)
The Detective and The Medical Examiner: How Things got Messy (1)
There's Fanfiction About Us? (7)
Playing Brothers: Bossy and Undefiled (5)
Spilt Milk (3)
Black Lily and White Lily (3)

June 5

Do You Take This Child?
Bombshell for the Boss
Ryan's Rules
The Fallen Greek Bride
The Prince & The Showgirl
The Voluptuous Guy! 2 -The Guy Who Turns into a Girl and His Love Triangle Dilemma- (6)
Don't Expose My Dark Past! -An Elite Businessman and a Former Idol- (9)
The Beast Beneath the Skirt (31)
Is Our Love A Taboo? (9)
Can't Take My Eyes off of You (16)
Room Share -Living Alone with a Wild Host- [VertiComix] [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] (7)
Did You Think I Was Going to Kiss You? -The Gentleman Transforms into a Beast in Bed- (5)
Off with the Skirt and out Comes the Beast! -I'm Surrounded by Cross-Dressing Men!- (5)
Life with My Roomie -He Turned into a Beast at 3 A.M.- (21)
Another Wild Night with My Lord!? -Is This Service Part of the Job?- (29)
My Secret with the Girl Next Door (14)
The Duchess Of Rosia -A Contract Marriage? How Did This Happen!?- (22)
That Is Unacceptable
The Fake Star's Naughty Body (1)
Playmate (5)
I Know You're Dirty (1)
Dreaming of You (5)
Pure Bromance
My Brother's Sweetest Spot (3)
The Prefect's Private Garden (6)

June 9

One Good Cowboy
Ransom Bride
Payment In Love
Henry Ever After
Bought by the Greek Tycoon

June 12

A Legacy of Secrets
Awakened by His Kiss
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