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July 23

Wanna Go for a Ride? (4)
The Kawai Complex Guide To Manors And Hostel Behavior (12)
Have Some Shame!
I Would Do Anything for You, You Know? -Captured by an Obsessive Guy- (4)
The Beseeching Horizon [Plus Bonus Page and Renta!-Only Bonus]
Dearest Mary Jane
My Boyfriend is a Magician
Intertwined with My Stepbrother, Loved by a Beast. (4)
Two-Parent Family
I'm Straight, But My Friend Gets Me Hard (4)
Steamy Love -My First Crush Is Now My Boss!- (2)
First Love Reset (4)
The Paradox of Deep Obsession (3)
I Don't Like That Smile (11)
Sorry, But Can I Go All Out? -Cohabitation Fun with My Unrivaled Colleague- (1)
Half-A-Million-Dollar Bride (5)
Request from a Yakuza -The Man You Picked up Is an Underground Prince!?- (11)

July 26

I'm Sorry I'm So Naughty!
A Seductive Relationship [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]
Drawn to Tears [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]
My Teacher is My Indecent Fiance!? -No! Don't Look There...- (2)
That's the Hottest Restaurant in Enoshima (2)
My Little Brother Is a Naughty Beast -Our After-School Secret- (4)
One-sided Love Triangle (4)
Monthly: Editor-in-Chief Aikawa (20)
Just One Taste Isn't Enough! -Wanna Come Over Again Tonight?- (4)
Untangled (6)
I Want You to XXX in Front of Me (1)
You're My Favorite Toy (3)
Do Androids Dream of Love? (5)
His High Heels at Midnight (4)

July 30

Secret Sadistic CEO and His Special Secretary -An Absolute Beast During Sex- 49
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