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December 17

Lamb Teacher and the Big Bad Wolf (2)
Secret Sadistic CEO and His Special Secretary -An Absolute Beast During Sex- 53
Simmering in the Tea House -What a Wonderful Technique- (2)
Prone to His Teasing -Driven Wild By My Blind Date's Fingers- (4)
A Kiss Is All It Takes (1)
Coffee Lover (2)
Fake Love -One Climax for Each Crime- (1)
Baby of Shame
Gender-Swap at the Delinquent Academy -He's Trying to Get My First Time!- [VertiComix] (3)
Yuuki and Nao [VertiComix] (28)
There's Fanfiction About Us? (4)
The Lazy Son and His Naughty Secretary (4)
The Blue-collar Farmer and the Flat Maiden -You're Kidding, Right? In the Greenhouse...!?- (1)
Don't Run Away from My Love -Childhood Friends No More- (2)
Married for the Greek's Convenience Brides for Billionaires IV
The Guy I'm into Is a You-Know-What! (13)
The Bittersweet Taste of Love -Bakery and Restaurant- (8)
The Young Man Yearns for Love
Midnight Mirror Ball (3)
Stud Milk (2)

December 20

The Wicked Women -Thriving in the Depths of Debauchery- (3)
entrans! (8)
The 45-Year-Old Gentleman Is a Tactless Beast -Tonight, Teach Me How It's Supposed to Be Done...- (2)
Sexful with You [VertiComix] (5)
Reamed on Livestream -Forced to Climax Live Online!!- [VertiComix] (30)
Love Me with Your Butt, Mr. Pecs! (2)
Love & Business -We're with You 24 Hours a Day- (6)
The Beast Waits to Take His Prey -His Blue Eyes Completely Expose Me- (8)
The Crimson Kitty And The Forest Watchdog (6)
Mr. Cinderella
To Ninja Love Is to Ninja Live -Is the Man I Love Infatuated with Me?- (6)
Unexpectedly Falling in Love
Dissonant Quartet (2)
My Demon Cry Baby, Maria (3)
Sweet Intimacy (4)
Vague Synchronicities [Plus Bonus Page and Renta!- Only Bonus]
You're My Favorite Toy (6)
He's Way Too Serious, But I Can't Resist Him! -I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life with You.- (10)

December 24

See You in Your Dreams (18)
Wataru Won't Sleep with the Same Girl Twice (6)
Hands Off, I Said! -I'm His Desert Island Delicacy- (3)
The Black Prince Makes the Wolf Pant (4)
You're Gonna Have to Beg for It -After Hours with My Teasing Teacher- (12)
The Man in the Mirror (4)
The Switch: Me And The Boss I Used To Bully -With The Touch Of My Hands Let Me Hear Your Naughty Cries...!- (6)
Sexy Gentleman's Superb Techniques -I'll Teach You How to be Sexy- (3)
Hybrid Stardust [VertiComix] (3)
A Hot Wet Job for Three -Adult Toy Tester- (9)
My Cute Bedfellow (8)
A Second Away from a Kiss (42)
Iori and the Beast [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]
Bad Boy -Seduction Under the Rainy Eaves- (7)
I Don't Know Who I Slept With! -My Coworker's Such a Tease!- (2)
My Secret with the Girl Next Door (12)
Part-time Lovers (2)

December 27

When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]
Stars in Heat (2)
Love Debut
The Artist and the Beast [VertiComix] (6)
The Way Kizuki Loves Me Is Totally Wrong -He Kisses Me, Touches Me, Then Worships Me!?- (5)
His You-Know-What Is Way Too Hard!
Coupledom 101 (5)
I'm an Omega and It's All My Fault (5)
Room Attendant to a Naughty Novelist! (5)
All Roses Have Thorns (5)
My Quiet Best Friend's Just Tongue-Tied 4
Perfect Darling (2) [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]
Kanna Ueno's Love Laboratory (5)
The Beastly Young Boss Next Door (11)
Love in the World of Adult Videos -Private Screenings with the Boss- [VertiComix] (12)
Keep the Moaning to a Minimum (30)
An Indecent Professor's Love Advances (5)
Hana and the Beast Man (4)
That Unexpected Side to my Childhood Friend -Watch Out for the Animal in Him!- (9)

December 31

A Kiss Is All It Takes (2)
Fleeting Desire -Having to Live with My Adorable Best Friend!- (3)
Stud Milk (3)
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