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October 23

Redwolf's Woman
An Heir to Make a Marriage
The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife The Alcolar Family 1
My Coworker, The Bully, and The Steamy Hot Springs -When Will You Notice that I Want You?- (2)
Show Me Your Ecstasy -Our Bodies Are a Perfect Match- (9)
Starting a Misteress Contract with a Childhood Buddy (4)
Keiichi Sagami Is an Impostor -Sleeping with the Childhood Friend I Despise- (9)
The Fake Star's Naughty Body (7)
The Busy Bee Falls for the Useless Cat's Meow [VertiComix] (3)
Spring Snow Doesn't Melt (8)
A Peaceful Dungeon Life (9)
Little Miss Oblivious and Her Savage Darling (14)
Slash Fiction Resolution [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]
Red Light, Green Light (4)
Intertwined with My Stepbrother, Loved by a Beast. (21)
The Falling Blossoms (2)
The Unexpected Expert (8)
Caught in the Act! -I'll Show You Your True Nature- (4)
Animalistic Switch -I Started a Naughty Life Together with A Pornstar- (7)
He's a Cute-faced Monster -I'm a Former School Gang Leader, But This Kid Wants My Body.- (5)
Unfaithful Love, A Thing of the Past (2)
A Secret Agreement Between The Prince And His Muse
The Brides Of Eden , The Daughters Of Eve
Road Trip With The Best Man
It Feels So Good, I'm Gonna Break...! -The Charming Devil's New Toy- (8)
Loose Night, A Night of Depravity for a Downtrodden Woman and a Beautiful Beast (4)

October 27

Sheikh's Princess Of Convenience
Monthly, Editor-in-Chief Aikawa (34)
White Lies
The Millionaire's Love-Child
Beginning With Baby
Boardroom Baby Surprise
The Night Before Baby
Going Through Puberty -I Want to Hook Up with You!- (2)
Living with a Foreign Wolf Under the Same Roof (2)
Companion Limited (2)
I Can't Do This Unless We're in Love![VertiComix] (8)
Please Let Me Be Your Sheep! (6)
15 Years Old, Starting Today We'll Be Living Together (48)
Entwined at Twilight with a Demon -Again... And Again... He Can't Be Stopped!- (12)
There Are Two Sides to Every Charmer (7)
Make Me Yours on Wednesday (2)
You Turn Me On Non-Stop -My Appetite for My Wife Is Incredible (8)
Stars in Heat (20)
Addicted to Your Touch -Experiencing All My Firsts with You- (5)
Prone to His Teasing -Driven Wild By My Blind Date's Fingers- [VertiComix] (4)
This Reincarnated Cross-Dressing Princess Won't Be Looking for a Fiance (4)
The Shoulder Bones and the Dress (1)
The 45-Year-Old Gentleman Is a Tactless Beast -Tonight, Teach Me How It's Supposed to Be Done...- (13)
Do As Your Slave Tells You (2)
Only Be Yourself with Me (10)
What We Do When the Curtain Comes Down (6)
Like a Boss -the Tyrant and Me in Bed til the End- (5)

October 30

Tender Assault
The Secret He Must Claim
The Busy Bee Falls for the Useless Cat's Meow [VertiComix] (4)
Scarlet Lady
A Baby For The Boss
The Virgin's Shock Baby
An Inheritance Of Shame
After Being Scouted by God, I Ended up in an Alternate Universe. -Domestic Magic Makes for an Easy Life.- (5)
Pampered by the Young Wolf -It's Your Fault for Seducing Me- (16)
The Prefect's Private Garden (8)
I Dream of Being Eaten by Enokida (2)
Before I Knew It, We Were Kissing -The Famous Actor Next Door and Our Secret Relationship- (10)

November 3

Stepping Out Of The Shadows
The Nurse's Challenge
The Playboy And The Nanny
The Sparhawk Bride Sparhawk
The Sheik's Kidnapped Bride Desert Rogues 1
The Sheik's Arranged Marriage Desert Rogues 2

November 6

Part-Time Marriage
One Night With The Tycoon
Strictly Lonergan's Business Summer of Secrets 2
Pregnant By The Boss!
Forgotten Engagement
The Princess And The Cowboy

November 10

Secret Child, Royal Scandal The Sherdana Royals 3
The Taming Of Tyler Kincaid The Barons 4
Wicked Caprice
The Greek Billionaire's Innocent Princess The Royal House of Karedes 5
Tycoon's Valentine Vendetta
The Arrogant Baron's Forbidden Bride

November 13

Rafael's Contract Bride
How to Fall in Love with a Hollywood Star

November 17

The Reluctant Governess
Seduced By The Sheikh Surgeon

November 20

The Prince's Pregnant Mistress Heirs Before Vows 2

November 24

A Marriage Of Convenience
A Place Of Storms

November 27

The Prince And The Secret Saint
Comfort And Joy

December 1

The Former Prince's Marriage Contract

December 4

Magnate's Mistress...Accidentally Pregnant!

December 8

The Executive's Baby

December 11

Alexei's Passionate Revenge
Under The Brazilian Sun

December 15

Rain in the Desert

December 18

The Marriage Risk

December 22

Her Pregnant Agenda

December 25

The Desert Prince and his Fated Bride

December 29

His Lover's Little Secret
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