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August 18

Holiday Royale
Giselle's Love and Betrayal
Lady Surrender
The Pirate King and the Princess with the Dragon Crest
Under The Millionaire's Influence
The Treasured Dagger of Promise The Thieves Who Fall in Love III

August 21

The Bridegroom's Vow
The Beautiful King's Purchase
The Virtuous Cyprian
A Professional Engagement
Secretary on Demand
Hired: The Italian'S Convenient Mistress

August 25

The Final Seduction
A Proposal from the Italian Duke
Beloved Virago
Britannia All at Sea
The Magnate's Holiday Proposal
A Love Trap for the Arrogant Marquis

August 28

Adventure with the Dissipated Earl
Kiss the Sleeping Prince
How to Become the Best Girlfried
A Summer Flower Garden ~The Marquis's Bride~
A Convenient Groom
A Kiss for the Arrogant Prince

September 11

The Secret His Mistress Carried

September 18

A Ring For The Greek's Baby

September 22

Her Desert Dream

September 25

The Magnate's Tempestuous Marriage

September 29

Caretti's Forced Bride
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