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April 26

The Caged Tiger
I Married the Boss!
Scandalously Expecting His Child The Billionaires of Black Castle II
His Unforgettable Fiancee
The Heir from Nowhere
Less-than-Innocent Invitation
His Heir, Her Honor Rich, Rugged & Royal III

April 30

Mistress of His Revenge
From Enemy's Daughter to Expectant Bride The Billionaires of Black Castle I
Claiming His Secret Son The Billionaires of Black Castle IV
Marriage at a Distance
Miss Independence
The Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress Australian Millionaires II
Dangerous Infatuation

May 3

Single Father, Surprise Prince!
The Baby of Their Dreams
Captured by the Sheikh
The Spaniard's Love-Child
Pretend Engagement
Born to Scandal 2

May 7

Pregnant by the Sheikh The Billionaires of Black Castle III
A Tycoon to Be Reckoned with
The Italian's Ruthless Seduction Rich, Ruthless and Renowned I

May 14

Lord Havelock's List 1

May 17

Making Sure of Sarah

May 26

Taming Tall, Dark Brandon
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