Upcoming Releases

Release dates may change or be delayed without prior notice. Thank you for understanding.

August 13

Prostitution Doll(2)

August 14

Spooky Tokyo(2)

August 15

Witch Sister (3)

August 16

Death Game-The Captive 24- EP03

August 17

Hina: The Human Eater(1)

August 18

The 4th Grader Demon Lord(3)

August 19

Kai -Samurai of the Dead-(6)
Changed Into A High School Girl(3)

August 20

Prostitution Doll(3)

August 21

Spooky Tokyo(3)

August 22

Witch Sister (4)

August 23

Death Game-The Captive 24- EP04

August 24

Hina: The Human Eater(2)

August 26

Kai -Samurai of the Dead-(7)
Changed Into A High School Girl(4)

August 27

Prostitution Doll(4)

August 28

Spooky Tokyo(4)

August 31

Hina: The Human Eater(3)

September 1

Astrological Story (1)

September 2

Tsukumogami Karuta Cards of the 99 Gods (1)

September 3

Witch Sister (5)

September 4

Spooky Tokyo(5)
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