"I will drive you mad with pleasure." A part-time editor, Moe, has been assigned assistant manager to the sensual, handsome erotica writer Gou Aikawa. Gou whispers naughty words that echo voluptuously in Moe's ears. Against her will, her imagination runs wild with erotic fantasies......! Moe and Gou indulge their passions endlessly in her imagination. In a variety of locations, in all kinds of positions...... Over time, she starts wishing she could fulfill those fantasies with Gou in real life......


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Mousou Trip

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Fantasy Trip (1) -A Trip with an Erotica Writer-

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Pages: 41

Fantasy Trip (2) -A Christmas Trip-

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Pages: 43

Fantasy Trip (3) -A Trip in the Office-

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Pages: 43

Fantasy Trip (4) -A Trip for Three-

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Pages: 49

Fantasy Trip (5) -A Trip with a Stalker-

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Pages: 45

Fantasy Trip (6) -A Trip for Four-

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Pages: 49

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