Serving the Boss's Daughter -Made Wet with Wicked Fingers-

"Stop it...! I haven't become your wife yet...!!" Kimono taken off by force, fingers creeping up her thigh... Nipples licked all over by a sticky, relentless tongue. "I've got to endure whatever my fianc? does to me... So I can protect Seinosuke..." It's the year Meiji 13, 1880. Saori is the only daughter of the Suou family, owner of a long-standing textile business. The head clerk, Seinosuke, is a young man with a Kyoto accent. And Saori's more than a little in love with him. But, as the daughter of the family that owns Suou Textiles, her social position differs too much from Seinosuke's, a mere employee. They would never make a good match... Besides, Saori has a fianc?. Then, one day, the date of Saori's wedding is decided upon!?

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Serving the Boss's Daughter -Made Wet with Wicked Fingers-

A man's fingers and tongue creep across a maiden's pure body, making her filthier with every touch. In the Meiji period, the only daughter of a successful merchant family is in love with the young head clerk. But their love is forbidden...[76pages]
Pages: 76
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author : Kaya Aota publisher : SHUSUISHA ORIGINAL Houkounin Ojou-sama Ikezu na Yubi ni Nurasarete

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