Seduced into Immorality

author :

Takumi Izaki


Mitsuru has married Sho, a poet that lives in a huge mansion. She's delighted with their new married life as Sho gently envelops her with his love. But this peaceful life of hers changes on a stormy night, when she and the servant, Touma, are left alone together. His strong body, his rough kiss that steals her breath away, his lustful gaze... Touma's caresses seduce her into an irresistible ecstasy...... This love story is about a deviant love triangle and immoral passions.


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author :

Takumi Izaki

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Japanese :

Haitoku e no Izanai

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Seduced into Immorality

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Pages: 53

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October 26, 2018 (JST)
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