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curlsfantasy Rating
Not one of Takumi Izaki's best one-shots, but I still found it to be an entertaining story. The art is decent, and the smut is pretty hot. The main reason why I am giving this a 3 star is that Sho's character development wasn't adequately developed leaving some plot holes between Mitsuru and him.
Nyanko Rating
Nothing particularly immoral or indecent going on here, unless you have very rigid ideas about any kind of consensual extra-marital sex. The married couple have a tepid relationship at best, the sort of relationship a very starry eyed innocent would think is ideal, based on a largely platonic and detached idea of love. The "other man" has the tension between obligatory love for the husband and unrequited love for the wife, but this is only a few degrees warmer. No real idea of why he is into the wife, and no real back story except she was ostracized and lonely, and fell in love with the husband. It's very hollow, and any hints of taboo aren't explored so even the physical scenes are empty and dull.
Binxbun Rating
This is a nice little story and is very sweetly written for it being a 18+ manga
laniaash Rating
Definitely a must-read if you like m辿nage type stories.
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