Sexless with You

author :

Hazuki Akane


That day she sees her coworkers having sex in the secluded file room... The muffled moans and wet sounds of bodies rubbing together. Affected by the shocking spectacle, Emiko masturbates in the office restroom and becomes aware of her irrepressible lust. Her relationship was going well - her live-in boyfriend, Sou, is kind to her. But they haven't had sex in three years. She'd always assumed it was normal to be like this after dating a long time, but......


Mature_Romance_MangaLove_TriangleLocalized by Renta100pts-199pts Completed

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author :

Hazuki Akane

Series :

Sexless With You

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Japanese :

Kimi to Sexless

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Sexless with You (1)

Pages: 35

Sexless with You (2)

Pages: 33

Sexless with You (3)

Pages: 27

Sexless with You (4)

Pages: 33

Sexless with You (5)

Pages: 33

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January 14, 2017 (JST)
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