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earthrolls Rating
Nice and really well-written characters, true to Life. The story might surprise you, and I think women will appreciate the honesty of the depiction of the characters, more than men would.
Nyanko Rating
Adult characters who behave like adults?! Yes, please! Here we have a couple whose long term relationship has grown stale due to their failure to be honest and communicate with each other. A third party gets entangled in this mess, and feelings of guilt and regret start to eat away at the main character. There are none of the usual hijinks going on where the main character deals with the tough issues by acting like a stoic martyr in a sitcom, though. The way she resolves her issues is by confronting them head on and opening up to her partner. The story is great, and the main couple feels real. The art is quite nice, with distinctive expressive faces. If you're looking for lots of tawdry romps, this has a few scenes of that nature, but most of the focus is on the growth of the main characters and how they become stronger by connecting physically, emotionally, and honestly.
Flyaway Rating
Very beautiful story. Amazing art and unique plot.. wish it was longer though.
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