Life as a Dog-Man Owner

author :

Chika Kokonoe


"What do you want me to do, Master?" The following morning after bringing home an injured dog, I awake to find a man in my room... who claims he's the dog I saved! No matter how you look at him, though, he seems human, and what's worse, he's the exact type of hottie that I'm into!! (Well, except for the ears and tail.) Unsure what else to do, we start living together, and while he is completely unphased by the intimacy of things like showering together, I find my heart racing!


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author :

Chika Kokonoe

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Japanese :

Inukare Kai Hajime mashita

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Life as a Dog-Man Owner (1)

Pages: 36

Life as a Dog-Man Owner (2)

Pages: 36

Life as a Dog-Man Owner (3)

Pages: 36

Life as a Dog-Man Owner (4)

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Life as a Dog-Man Owner (5)

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