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demongal101 Rating
Heyylele Rating
I really liked this series because I have a soft spot for furries. It's super cute and I wish there were more chapters but I'm really disappointed in the word choice of the first chapter. I'm African American and I take pride in the color of my skin so seeing a black character as one of the main characters in a love manga was really appealing to me. But for the female main to refer to him as "blackie" really bothered me and I had to think to myself how bothered I was by the word choice, and I felt really offended. Also I noticed that on the cover photos his skin color was changed 3 times from a beautiful chocolate color skin tone to almost light skin. I just think if you were gonna make him black then be appropriate with your wording and stick to one skin tone throughout the series.
lightmelody23 Rating
This was actually worth waiting for! I usually don't rent per chapter when I its not complete no matter if its limited or unlimited. But this one was really good! *spoiler alert* I hope the next chapters will be for Argie finding his own "mate" ;)
MenaOk Rating
I've read many stories on Renta and most of them tend to fall flat when it comes to plot but this one is different. The story is interesting and I can already see a love story blossoming. Art is very nice too. 5/5 would recommend.
Odessakun Rating
The sex scenes were hot and steamy, but the story definitely was lacking. Things were fairly rushed and ended abruptly with nothing ever really answered. I felt like this story should have been a oneshot instead. I kept buying chapters hoping that the story would fix itself along the way, but all the chapters were about the same. Definitely feels like someone's first book. Nevertheless, I love the artwork.
FoxyFlare Rating
OMG! Just holy baked biskets! This Story is So NOM! Can I Please have some of this in my Life! "Life as a Dog-man Owner" I bow to thee... And buy all your stories...
Guest Rating
simply wonderful
Flxshbeat Rating
Definitely lacks substance. I don't expect much character or plot development from stories such as these, but this one was poorly written and explained pretty much nothing. Though the artwork is, admittedly, really good! Value's not worth the money.
peichi Rating
I really like Secret with the girl next door so I decided to read this too even though it didn't seem like my thing from the summary. It was just okay I thought not nearly as good as the authors other work. I didn't really feel a strong bond or love between the leads and the way the cat was used in the story was just weird. I think the cat should have been left out entirely or have it go full smutty 3p with him. Instead I felt a bit uncomfortable with how he just showed up, did some not really consensual foreplay with her, and then disappeared from the story. I didn't think it was worth it for the smut alone either, everyone else is saying it's really hot but I thought compared to girl next door it wasn't that great. They only go all the way once and it's pretty short. I guess if you really like animal ears it's probably worth it.
Mmmcandy Rating
Really enjoyed this! Sweet and to the point. X3
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