[Bundle] Passion romance Selection Vol.5

Collects: The Kanellis Scandal, The Kyriakos Virgin Bride, and Valenti's One-Month Mistress
After losing both her parents in a terrible car accident, Zoey is suddenly slated to inherit Greek billionaire Theo Kannelis's fortune. Swamped by the press, she is unable to even leave her own house. In the midst of the media circus, she is visited by Theo's protege, a businessman named Anton. Having gained a reputation as a playboy through his numerous flings with beautiful women, he appears to be next in line to inherit the elderly Theo's international corporation. He tells Zoey, "I'll take you away to someplace safe, where they can't find you," but it must be a trap! Several hours later, after being misled by Anton, she finds herself being spirited away to Greece!


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[Bundle] Passion romance Selection Vol.5

Pages: 403

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artist : Akira FujiwaraYukako MidoriYuki Shiomiya original novel : Michelle ReidTessa RadleySabrina Philips Publisher : Harlequin

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